A little about me...

Photos by Stephen Powell

I am a son, father, brother, friend and perpetual student of life. I could go on about the who, what where and when of my life as a photo enthusiast, but the why is where the magic lies.
So why do I shoot?  I shoot because, unlike many other art forms, photographs don't tell lies. They tell what's there. Life is vast and varied and ever-changing, yet a single photograph can make time stand still. I shoot to create memories that people can not only look back on 30 years later, but that they can relive as time goes forward.
I feel privileged to share my passion with the world and hope that through my lens you, in some way, see yourself or maybe the person you want to be.
Whether it's a wedding, an engagement, a portrait, or a candid of the unknown, I want each of my subjects to see themselves the way I see them, and feel uniquely different, beautiful, and special.